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Neutral Ground Press

The People's Grocer is produced by Neutral Ground Press, a New Orleans-based publisher founded in 2015. Neutral Ground Press is an urban heritage publishing house dedicated to exploring and illuminating the history, culture, and ecology of American cities.

The People's Grocer

For half a century after World War II, a unique and prophetic grocery chain, Schwegmann Brothers Giant Super Markets, flourished way down south in New Orleans. The People’s Grocer tells the story of the founder of that chain, John G. Schwegmann. As his tale unfolds, the general reader will come to see how profoundly he shaped the making of the modern retail world. Native New Orleanians, meanwhile, will realize how they have a true hero on their hands.

David Cappello

David Cappello spent a 

quarter-century authoring market research studies for corporate and financial clients. The People’s Grocer is his first book written for the general public. Besides being a business writer, Cappello is also a musician, poet, and playwright. He lives in New Orleans.

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