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Wall Street Journal Selects
The People's Grocer as 
Top Gift Book Pick! 

"The People's Grocer is an entertaining study of John G. Schwegmann, the New Orleans supermarket magnate. Schwegmann's free-wheeling style and his obsession with offering bargains led him to undertake a legal crusade...that opened the door to discount retailing—a contribution for which Schwegmann deserves far more credit than he has received."

—Marc Levinson, The Wall Street Journal

"Not everybody can merge a man of political principles with a man who could turn errand-running into a holiday. Cappello can and does..."

—Ronnie Virgets, Author, Commentator, Journalist

"A fun and fascinating journey through the life of an overlooked titan of American commerce. Cappello's portrait of John G. Schwegmann is rendered with craft and care, all while offering insightful gems on New Orleans' history, southern politics and shadows of the Cold War....I read a lot of biographies and this one was top notch."

—Scott Thomas Anderson, The Sacramento News & Review

"The research behind The People's Grocer is impressive. I expect that this book will be used in university courses on retail and marketing, as well as in any history course devoted to the people who made New Orleans great. John Schwegmann's story, as written in The People's Grocer, certainly deserves that."

—Darlene Wolnik, Consultant and Analyst, Public Markets and Food Systems

"Thank you so much for writing this book. I enjoyed every page of it. It was fantastically researched and is a story I always thought needed to be told."

—Kevin Pedeaux, Co-Owner, Coast Roast Coffee, New Orleans

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